PT is a legal corporation , being a corporation has legal rights and is an entity separate from its owners, who have a limited liability (their liability is limited to the capital invested)

PT. and PT. PMA is quite same, the difference is, if PT. the founders are Indonesian only, PT. PMA one or may be all of the founders are foreigners.

Requirements to set up PT. PMA:

  • Business Plan / Description of activity
  • Proposed name of the company, 3 Choice
  • Copy of ID for commissionaire and the director
  • Photograph
  • Copy of status of land or building certificate
  • Copy of land certificate
  • Copy of Land Tax (PBB)
  • Copy of building permit

The licenses that we will process:

  • Initial Approval from Investment Coordinating Board
  • Legalized name of the company
  • Issued Article of Association by Indonesia Public Notary
  • Local Authority permit
  • Approval from Indonesia Village Chief and District Chief
  • Tax Registration Code Number
  • Legalized Company Article of Association from law department
  • Location Permit and Nuisance from Regency
  • Registration of Company Certificate from Trade and Industry Department
  • Permanent Business License from Investment Coordinating Board